"#girlswithgluten remind you how much you love gluten and hate diets."
"...The Instagram account is clearly an equal-opportunity promoter of carb cravers, and also invites followers to tag their own snaps of themselves eating with the hashtag #girlswithgluten."
"In a sea of smug “wellness” boasts, a carb-loving revolt is happening on Instagram with people hash-tagging pictures of themselves eating pizza, burgers and such with #GirlsWithGluten."
"For some reason, there is this idea out there —perpetuated by the media, no doubt—that us gals can't get down with gluten. Well we say, EFF THAT, and we're not alone. Instagram account Girls with Gluten is celebrating lady gluten lovers, because kale and green juices are good and all, but everything goes better with a side of gluten and grease. #sorrynotsorry"
"@girlswithgluten personifies food as someone with whom you want to have slumber parties, as well as someone you're interested in romantically...it explores the fun side of snacking while encouraging women to pass the pizza."