"While high-profile stars...attribute their healthy lifestyles to a gluten-free diet, it doesn’t always inspire us. In fact, it can make the carb-obsessed lady within us feel slightly ashamed of herself...As a part of an apparent backlash against the anti-gluten fad, Instagram account Girls With Gluten is celebrating carb-loving gals"
- FashionMagazine.com
"In a society that promotes clean eating and juice cleanses, #GirlsWithGluten is a humorous reprieve from societal standards of healthy living and wellness."
"One brave account decided to say what most of us have been wanting to say: that we. love. carbs."
-Total Sorority Move
"Step aside organic green juice and kale, gluten is making a comeback. #GirlsWithGluten is trending all over Instagram...to show acceptance of an alternative way of eating in today's health-crazed, organic, gluten-free world."
"Girls With Gluten is basically the anti-thesis of those fitness-obsessed friends who pepper your newsfeed with shots of their daily workout, protein-packed smoothies, and salads."
"I'm on a gluten free diet. I am not offended, which should be the reaction of everyone, because people have the right to eat whatever the heck they want to eat. And come on guys, we all know pizza is the best thing to ever grace the planet :)"
​ - Caroline P. via Facebook
"It's not making fun of people with an intolerance or Celiac, it even mentions that. It's just a response to all of the fad diets and "trendiness" of being totally gluten-free without having a medical reason for it."
​ - Allison J. via Facebook
"This is meant to make people feel more comfortable eating comfort foods because a lot of us actually feel guilty after eating something that isn’t particularly healthy!!! This is so we see other girls who we can look up to cause they’re comfortable with themselves and how they eat."
​ - Buzzfeed Commenter​
"Hopefully by now people realize that only a small % of the population have an actual gluten intolerance. Not eating gluten for *most* is a choice, and that's great, but the gluten is bad for me line is old. So is smoking. And makeup products. And excessive exposure to sunlight or tanning beds. And soda. And alcohol. And... You know."
- Rhea C. via Facebook
"Just stop all this drama about food :D and enjoy gluten"
- Lauren V. via Facebook